About Ikroop

A little while ago, I took a break from my corporate career to apprentice under renowned Glass Artist Atul Bakshi. It was then that I truly understood the process of ‘making’ for an artist.

We often take for granted the idea of how things are made, who thought of it, how did they make it, how many hands were part of this products journey. I know now that its beautiful journey laden with equal parts self- doubt and actualisation.

During my time in Jaipur, the jewellery manufacturing hub of India, I learnt of the struggles of the many metal craftsmen and women of the region. Gold karigari which had thrived for generations was faced with multiple challenges. With rising gold prices,  customers seeking modern designs, imported cheap and poor quality fashion accessories flooding the market place which was increasing going online, their sustenance was in question.


BANGDAR SARALI – was born as craft collective which aimed to fulfil the demands of the modern Indian woman, seeking one of a kind, unique hand crafted designs which were contemporary yet came with a quality assurance that would pass the test of time. What started as a small studio of a few craftsmen, grew to a distributed family of 15

With BANGDAR SARALI, our work was to provide quality manufacturing services to designers and re-sellers while helping the craftsmen and women build new revenue streams. Having built the capacity, I, as a trained glass artist decided to launch an in-house brand which married traditional European glass art techniques with Indian metal craft to create India’s first fused glass jewelry label - IKROOP

Each piece is designed, carefully hand crafted and finished by 8 pairs of hands before it reaches you. Thank you for buying local and supporting handmade !

For any queries - feel free to reach us at studio@ikroop.in