About Ikroop


Welcome to my studio. 

Before I tell you about what I do, let me give you a little background. A proud daughter of the Indian Army, I finished my MBA and was loving working with  Network 18 in Mumbai before I decided to take a life altering decision to become a glass artist. Yes, that what's unique about our jewelry. Its all made of glass which is handcrafted using a renowned European technique called Glass Fusion, inspired by Murano, Venice.

In retrospect it seems like a smooth switch, but boy was it a rollar coaster. Chance meetings and some amazing people led me to where I am today (My glass guru, Atul Bakshi and my friend Pooja Roy Choudhary a.k.a NIMAI deserve a special mention here)

My love for accessories was a by product of how much fun I was having creating the glass that went into it. Till date, all the glass that goes out of the studio is either wholly or partially touched by my hand in the process of creations and that's why I absolutely love seeing people wearing my jewelry. (That's why I will hound you endlessly for pictures )

The creative process is tedious. Glass is cut, treated, heated, melted, ground, powdered and goes through quite a few iterations till it becomes something I like and then designed and handcrafted by my amazing karigars who bring my vision to life. My saviours.

I'm eternally grateful for all those I've crossed paths with, my clients who continue to buy my pieces, even those who don't buy but continue to send in messages of appreciation, the media fraternity for the coverage, fellow artist's and designers who have helped in different ways and of course friends and family who've kept me sane. 

I'm not sure why this About Me section has became an oscar speech but if there was something else you were looking to find and din't, feel free to reach me on studio@ikroop.in

- Love & Gratitude


 PS : The studio is located in Gurgaon, which is also where I reside along with my husband, who by the way, is a star <3


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